In 2010, a group of creative and persistent designers from the lovely island of Taiwan created the Ciao Ciao – a bag which is funny and unconventional, yet fashionable and functional. In the same year, 嬌焦國際有限公司 BANANA TAIPEI was incorporated.

Fast forward to 2018, this same group of designers, with their love for Taiwan and the same passion since the beginning of this journey, coupled Taiwan traditional craft and recycled materials and created environmentally friendly Ciao Ciao Banana – a bag that is completely sewn by hand, stitch by stitch. It has always been our vision to create something that is different and surprising. We do not mass produce, nor do we chase the fast fashion trend. With our perseverance and our passion, we would like to deliver Ciao Ciao to all corners of the Earth.

The Beginning of Ciao Ciao Banana

In the past, to avoid dents during shipment of Ciao Ciao bags,we specially ordered high gsm kraft paper to provide perfect protection so the bags can arrive everywhere in the world in perfect condition.Every person who ever purchased a Ciao Ciao bag,this special wrapping is the first thing they will see and feel.

It was the most important accessory.

The most important accessory

Later in time, overstocking of kraft paper became our biggest trouble.In a year’s time, we went through tens of pattern trials, twenty-three trips across the ends of Taiwan, and countless refusals from factories,we have finally given a new life to the kraft paper – to recycle and reproduce. In 2018, Ciao Ciao Banana was launched.

Thank you very much, our most important accessory.

With Every Ciao Ciao Banana

Comes with a complimentary detachable pouch with zipper for more storage

Vacuumed and presented in post-modern styling, with a banana logo sticker

Every bag has its own serial number, a token of confidence in the Ciao Ciao Banana quality

About Ciao Ciao Banana

Every Ciao Ciao Banana is tightly wrapped by four layers of materials. PVC is wrapped inside and out, not only is it waterproof, you can also doodle and create on the material. Kraft paper and cotton canvas are stitched together by hand, every step is a challenge to our seamstress aunties. Depending on the usage of each customer, different folds and marks will show on the paper as time passes.

Ciao Ciao Banana also comes with a zipper pouch and its own serial number. Not only it provides a thoughtful space for storing small items in a big bag. The serial number is our confidence and commitment in quality. The inspiration of packaging comes from US military food ration, vacuuming all items to present a post-modern industrial style. Ciao Ciao wishes every Ciao Ciao Banana leaves its headquarters with rock solid confidence.

Customer reviews

The use of paper has always been the biggest advantage of the Jiaojiao package. The focus is on using the simplest and most primitive material, giving it the highest value through a great design. It is fun and really great! So no matter which package you like, I like it~


The small bag is suitable for people and there are few people who ride motorcycles. Although there are many things that are loaded, it is not very good to put them in the motorcycle. Just take a mobile phone key wallet and you can go out.
It will be convenient and not too space-friendly and small and cute.


The amount of content is really big, I am a girl who can’t hold a small bag, so I usually go out and really have a lot of things to bring, plus a storage bag, I will not find anything, super intimate.


『Ciao Ciao Banana』

『Ciao Ciao Banana』is not confined by seasons nor separated by countries and boundaries. It only contains the simplest environmental friendly ideas and the most thoughtful minds.

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